A Taste of Spain in Every Bite: Explore Tapas at UNO MAS, Bangkok!

Tapas, the word alone conjures images of lively Spanish cafés, where laughter mingles with the clinking of glasses and the air is scented with saffron and garlic. These delightful small plates do more than just satisfy hunger; they foster a sense of community, sparking lively conversations with every shared bite. Each dish is a vibrant tribute to the rich, colourful culinary traditions that have seasoned Spanish kitchens for generations.

From the quaint taverns of Spain to the bustling streets of Bangkok, tapas have danced their way into hearts worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. They’re the perfect companions for a glass of sangria and a great conversation. Why order one main when you can sample several in one sitting? But what exactly defines a tapa? More than simple appetisers, tapas are a cultural icon – crafted from ingredients as simple as tangy olives and rich cheeses, to the more elaborate gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) and spicy patatas bravas, each tapa is a testament to the power of flavours packed into small bites.

Tapas at UNO MAS

While the exact origins of tapas are veiled in history, several entertaining theories abound. One popular legend suggests that King Alfonso X decreed that taverns must serve snacks with drinks to curb public drunkenness. Another theory posits that the term “tapa” (meaning “lid” in Spanish) originated from the practice of covering wine glasses with bread or slices of meat to protect them from dust and insects. There is also a belief that tapas began as quick snacks for workers during short breaks, evolving into the beloved tradition we know today. Whatever their true origins, tapas have become a cornerstone of Spanish culture, savoured as both appetisers and full meals, enjoyed with friends and laughter over shared plates.

UNO MAS at Centara Grand at CentralWorld brings the essence of all of this directly to your table one tapas at a time.  In this vibrant setting, each plate is a journey from the energetic mercados of Madrid to the streets of Barcelona. At UNO MAS, the best Spanish restaurant in Bangkok, get ready to be swept away to Spain – one tapa at a time!

Tapas: Bringing the World Together

From the cosy taverns of Spain to the global stage, tapas have a way of bringing people together. Imagine sitting at a table surrounded by friends, new and old, sharing stories and laughter over shared plates. “Eating tapas is a playful, social adventure that brings everyone closer,” says Chef Roberto Gonzalez Alonso of UNO MAS with a bright smile. Each small plate, packed with intense flavours and crafted from high-quality, fresh ingredients, is an invitation to explore. Whether it’s your first tapa or your hundredth, the thrill of discovering a new favourite is always part of the experience.

Is there a right way to Tapas? “There’s no wrong way,” adds the chef with a laugh, “We love seeing our guests mix and match, discovering new tastes that tickle their fancy. Like the old saying ‘Share a tapa, share a moment’, Spanish dining is about the people as much as what is on the plate.”

Tapas at UNO MAS
Tapas at UNO MAS
Tapas at UNO MAS

So, the best way to tapas is with friends. Gather your friends – or make new ones – and join us at UNO MAS for an authentic Spanish food experience. It’s all about eating, drinking, and sharing in the joy of life, Spanish style! Come turn your next meal into an unforgettable tapas party, and let every dish serve as a delicious reminder of why life is better when shared.

Don’t know your way around tapas? Start with our “2 Feet of Tapas” at UNO MAS, a comprehensive tapas board designed for sharing that spans the breadth of Spanish cuisine. Perfect for two, this inviting selection offers an array of flavours and textures.

Relish the crispness of Mushroom Croquettes alongside the zest of Salmon Salad, and enjoy the delicate taste of White Anchovies paired with the crisp Fried Baby Squids. The Grilled Octopus brings a tender texture, beautifully matched by the robust Spanish Meatballs and lightly spiced Padron Peppers. Our beloved Bravas and Tortilla provide familiar comforts, while the Gambas “Pil Pil” and Cured Ham add a touch of luxury with their rich flavours.

This platter is a festive exploration of Spain’s diverse culinary traditions, designed to delight the palate and create lasting memories. Need more? Check out the extensive menu that has all the tapas classics and more, much, much more.

At UNO MAS, every visit is not just a meal, but a vibrant fiesta of flavours and friendships.